In addition to holding three general membership meetings each summer the Association supports the following activities:

Road Pick Up-Volunteers pick up trash alongside seven miles of local roads a minimum of three times a year. Each volunteer is assigned about one mile and conducts the pick up after each of the major summer holidays. For more information or to volunteer contact Kathy Burkard  (218) 485-4866.


Brush and Leaf Disposal-With the cooperation of Windemere Township property owners can dispose of brush and leaves at the township gravel pit. Only branches three inches in diameter or less are allowed. Volunteers from the association monitor the activity. The gravel pit is located near the Moose Lake Airport. Take highway 61 south from Moose Lake and turn right on the road to the airport. About 150 yards from the highway turn left into the Windemere Township Gravel Pit. The brush pile will be open from 10AM to 1PM Saturday October 21st. Members that would like to volunteer to monitor the brush pile should contact Bill Patrick   (651) 429-3700.


AIS Committee-This committee is concerned with the water quality and control of invasive species in our lakes. The group monitors area lakes. Two of our lakes Sand and Sturgeon have Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM). The association contracts with a licensed applicator each summer to treat EWM on both lakes. We have funded this activity through the generous contributions of our members as well funding from the State of Minnesota, Windemere and Moose Lake Townships and Pine County. For more information contact Loren Radtke (218) 348-1077.


Newsletter-The Window the association newsletter is published in the spring and fall of each year and provided to all members, For more information contact Laurie Patrick    (651) 336-1024.


Sturgeon Lake Level-This committee is working on trying to resolve the high water level on the lake. For more information contact Bill Yechout (651) 247-5470.