Shoreland Buffer Grant Program

WTLA Shoreline Buffer Cost-Share Grants


A shoreline buffer is a vegetated strip of land along your lakeshore that consists of a mix of native aquatic plants, grasses, wildflowers and /or shrubs and trees.

Benefits to the lake of a shoreland buffer include; filtering of pollutants from runoff, helping to prevent shoreline erosion by stabilizing soils and thereby limiting the phosphorus and sediment deposition in the lake.

Studies show that a single “lawn to lake” lot can introduce enough phosphorus to produce 100 pounds of algae each summer.

The buffer also allows the landowner to mow less and deter geese from your lawn.   Both the lake and landowner benefit from the buffer.


WTLA will offer two grants annually up to $500 each for WTLA members .



The project shall be designed to reduce sediment or phosphorus run-off into lake.

The buffer zone shall have at least 15 foot width, from the lakes ordinary high water mark.

The plantings should include native flowers, grasses, shrubs or trees.

Technical approval is necessary from local agency such as county SWCD.  You may also use other experts such as township, county land department or DNR.

Landowners match must be greater than or equal to WTLA contribution.

Applications will be accepted between May1-July 1 each year. WTLA Shoreline Buffer Grant Application

Grant selection will be made by WTLA executive committee based on date received for qualified applicants.